MBH Ventum G3 Air Circulator Desktop Fan, Air Circulator, Turbo Cooling Auto Swing, Air Cooler
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Size (L x W x H) 25 cm x 25 cm x 35 cm
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MBH VENTUM G3 Circulator Fan adopts a creative technology and blade design to achieve high-output airflow with low electricity consumption in quiet operation. It balances the room temperature and enhances the overall air circulation in a sultry atmosphere by keeping air flow in motion throughout the room. Various cooling effects can be achieved through different positioning and angle settings of the fan for a quiet and comfortable living space!

Improving air circulation
Position the Circulator Fan at the longest linear distance in your room. It utilises the longest airflow distance indoor to maximize ventilation, which lowers humidity and refreshes the air.

Use in companion with an air conditioner
When using air conditioner, cool air tends to concentrate towards ground surface. Set the Circulator Fan at a 45 degree angle facing the center of the room, along the corner of the same wall where the air conditioner/cooler is placed. It helps to raise energy efficiency by strengthening air circulation and spreading cool air to every corner of the room.

For a good nights sleep
Position the VENTUM G3 Circulator Fan in front of your bed and set it at an angle parallel to the floor. This allows the air to flow through under the bed and towards the ceiling, which provides a cooling effect while avoiding the wind from blowing directly towards your body.

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Ventum G3 Specs
Blade Size: 5.7"
Oscillation: Left/Right (Auto), Up/Down (Manual)
Fan Noise: 43dB(A) Max Speed
Speed RPM: 2400
Power: 220-240V, 40W
Product Size: 220x220x305
Wind Setting: 6 Setting
Wind Speed: 3 Setting
Warranty: 3 months (Humidifier Bundle 7 days Warranty)

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